Sunday, March 7, 2010


Well, 1st of all "Kader" is not the real name. it's me who named him that :D no reason juz for fun. Actually, why i write this blog is to reply ur "Speech from heart". Firstly, i was shocked when i read that the one who is not going bcause of assgment want to go to the HotJam. Even my girls pown tkejut. i mean how could he make assgment as the reason.besides, someone told me that he juz finished doing abstract and intro on sunday.WTH!!. For others, i hve nothing to say. :X

Second, i apologize for forcing you to call the car rental services so many times. i appreciated ur effort so much. Its me who planned to do activities for the group.So i guess i should do all the shit rite?hehehe. btw, i know that in ur blog u dont mention my name but i felt that im guilty too.

Then,i agree the thing that u dont wanna plan anything anymore. i know the feeling when u do all the effort then everybody dump u juz like that. i know the feeling when the excitement is alredy there but it was crushed. i juz damn known it.:D

I was thinking that eventhough we planned something in future we juz invited the girls that never give excuses,you and the mechanism person.u know who rite. Juz the five of us. for the others when they listen that we going somewhere, and themselves want to participate. we juz accept but if not we're not inviting them! i sound so evil rite?hahahahahaha-evil laugh!

i juz hate when we always be on their side, but when we need their effort they juz give EXCUSES!EXCUSES!. Now, im gonna give excuses to them too. Its FAIR&SQUARE!

p/s:no hard feeling. they still my bestie but their should feel how you feel.

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  1. WOW glad u feel the same way. btw, i didn't meant to write about u. i didn't refer the blog to u. its them. they're the one who doesn't appreciate what i did. i feel so annoyed now. i don't know what to do..