Sunday, March 7, 2010

Been 2gether for 2 months and 10 days.

I was left behind,and he runaway or been kidnapped by someone else. i got to spend tyme with my nokia 5270 only for 2 months and ten 10days. now im back with my ex nokia6288.crushed,devastaded,hate,sad everting is mix in my soul..even my soul are not with me rite now. HOw could someone do this to me?. Their life for 7 generation will not be safe! ur memory, 2gether watching raja lawak online, on9 fb when im lonely or bored at the airport...listen to song, taking picture with the front camera! amazing things i do with u will never be 4get! I LOVE U 4EVER! but im still hoping for u to come back to me..i'll be waiting each and every day. 2 be honest losing u is more hurting than losing boyfriend!:DD well,thankxx to mama for for understanding, when she said that im more important that the hp, i felt so touched! mybe there are meaning why this thing happen to me. However, 10 MARCH 2010 is not a gud day fer me. Im mourning rite now..T_T

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