Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ups and Downs

Unique meaning of life that you can applied :)
If you don’t think your life is worth more than someone else’s, sign your donor card and kill yourself now.
Matthew V. Lewis
Things do not change; we change.
Whatever You Do, Even When You Are In Down Condition, Don’t Lose Your Hopes. Whatever Your Hopes Are, They Will Guide You To Your Success Life.
Lemy Yusento
Life has no meaning the moment you lose the illusion of being eternal.
Jean Paul Sartre
Life is best enjoyed when time periods are evenly divided between labor, sleep, and recreation.
A happy life is one which is in accordance with its own nature.

Nowadays, people is more likely being SELFISH. Why bother being alone,when you also leave some of your friends with being alone and they never complain about. Then when its your turn to be alone what you do??? YOU COMPLAIN TO OTHERS that he/or she let you be alone.
HELLLOOO, calling to the earth!! did u ever care if that ur friend did it just because you do it the same to her. but she never complain like you did and give sour went lunch without me on weekend do i care?do i complain?NO!because ur not my when i go lunch with my bestie you CANNOT bother either.However, when comes to guys, you can flirt, laugh like soo loud and never bother others. GETE!
im trying to be positive thinking about you but failed because of your mood swing. im a girl i also have mood swing but u do the mood thingie with the girls only. :( i feel like vomiting. btw, ur attitude is a bit confusing...sometimes ur very nice but sometimes u can be evil.
if u give face, ill give face too. no comprise anymore. why i should be the one that have to take care of u guys?? im tired. from now on and LATER ON.. ill just care about myself and my love ones.GET IT!
like i always said when you die you die alone :) so let it be.

besides, i am a sensitive 20 year old female..its just me.
i take promises very seriously. you broke it,im gone from ur life.
mybe its childish but thats my way.what to do.duhh.

As you all know, in life not just you have problem..all of the people have their own problem to face. so just dont act like you are the one and only human that have proble.
like mama always said u got problem? then its the way god wanted to test you patience.

but now im just following the flow,i know my Mr.A always be there for me. even if i kuat merajuk. <3

and hoping i win bruno mars contest :)ngee.

*hmmmm..take a deep breathe. im lucky to have such great family and some great friends :)

till next post.
tatataa :)

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