Thursday, August 26, 2010


Wow! its been so long i didnt write anything on my blog. Kindaa miss writing my studpid storyyy. :)

btw, im writing here today is for my friend who will always be one of my besties 4ever.
eventhough tsunami happen between us.
i may slightly admit what u say about me is true and its a lil bit hurt my feelings,but in this situation i guess not only me who was hurt rite?
Listen, you may say that something will definitely change between us after the "issue" last week. for me its not worth losing a friend because of a small matter. This is malaysia man! :Dhahaha. anyone can give their own opinion rite?.
seriusly, we always fight about the samething everytime, and i dunno what to say about that. juz delete it from our mind. and continue our life.hahaha
as what hisyam always saya "KITA DH BESAR KN? DH ADA AKAL2!" :D.
besides, if in frienships,there's no fight means that our friendship is not interesting at all and we dont know who is the true friend.
now, wat pass is pass, next sem kta gadoo lg.hahahaah.kiddin.

IN A NUTSHELL, im very sorry. what i cn say is u gnna be my kader and my friend 4ever.



  1. alidaaaa!!!!! im tearing up! love u bebeh! thanks and YES! U'RE MY TONGCENG! next sem?? tanak! sakit hati kang susah :p thanks alida cause understand. ingt, bukan ko sorg pny salah.. aku pon salah.. sama2 kita salah key..

    love kader

  2. :)
    no prob dear..
    len kali law da mshlh gtaw.
    walaupown myakitkan.

    alida bkn tongceng.hhaahah